Albany Middle School Craft Fair Sale!

Welcome, I am a glass mosaicist working in the Gilman Arts District, and am happy to support the Albany Middle School Craft Fundraiser. I use glass to make wall hangings (indoor and outdoor), garden stepping stones, 3D pieces (indoor and outdoor) and have a new series of sculptured pieces which have depth, while they are designed to hang on a wall. Below are currently available pieces, with dimensions, description and prices. I am also available for commissions (check out my gallery, call me, and/or schedule visit to my studio with covid-appropriate distance and masking). When our community is more covid-safe, I look forward to again bringing kids and adults into my studio to learn and create the piece of your choice, including the fundamentals of mosaic design, glass cutting, aesthetic choices, and the practical side of constructing, grouting and sealing a mosaic.

If you would like to buy any of these pieces, or commission something similar, or are interested in a piece in the gallery, please email me at or call/text me at 510.316.3925 to book your favorite piece! 20% of all proceeds from this go directly to Albany Middle School, and we appreciate your interest! I am happy to provide free, contact free delivery within Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito and Oakland for any pieces that are purchased during the Albany Middle School Craft Fair. I am happy to negotiate delivery for further out areas, for a small charge.

Framed California landscape 10×10 $125

Flying Sapphire Indoor 3D mixed media Mosaic w/ driftwood wall hanging ~20×29 $500 Sold!

Rooster! indoor/outdoor wall hanging 20×16 $385

Ain’t love grand 12×12 outdoor stepping stone $150

Fishie 3D Indoor/ Outdoor Wall Hanging, 8×11, $255

Framed California seascape 10×10 $110

Northern Flicker 3D Indoor/ Outdoor Wall Hanging with Driftwood ~18×15 $350

SOLD! Similar commissions available~

Autumn Monarchs Outdoor stepping stone 12×12 $150

Crowing in the Hills 3D mosaic wall hanging-indoor/outdoor 14×16 $345

Birch Slice 3D Indoor Wall Hanging 5.5×5.5×1 $45

Look who’s crawling the walls... 3D Indoor/Outdoor wall hanging ~14×10 $245

Framed California landscape 10×10 $110

Flutterby Outdoor Flagstone ~10×12 $150

Gold Framed CA landscape 9.5×5 $88

SOLD! Similar commissions available~

Cancer Constellation Indoor/Outdoor 3D wall hanging ~22×13 $335

Mandala Mirrored Outdoor Flagstone ~10×12 $150

Seascape vase, terracotta base 13×5, $97

Underseas outdoor flagstone ~10×12, $150

Love is simple 3D wall hanging-indoor/outdoor 14×16 $345

Framed California landscape, 14×14, $165

Dragonfly waiting 3D mixed media mosaic w/ driftwood, 2ft x 3 ft $850

Pastels w/ Hummer Indoor/outdoor wall hanging 12×12 $175

Lounging Froggie, Outdoor flagstone ~10×12, $150

Gold Framed California seascape 7×5 $88

Sierra Lake Indoor/Outdoor wall hanging with 3d boulders 24×12 $275

Flying Teal Indoor 3D mixed media Mosaic w/ driftwood Wall Hanging ~20×36 $525

Paisley Block 3D Indoor Wall Hanging 3.5x7x2 $60

A Good Book 3D sculptural piece, for a stand or wall hanging, ~10×22, $355

Tropicana Indoor/Outdoor Wall Hanging 12×12 $175

Reaching for the stars 3D Indoor wall hanging ~24×14 $475

Butterfly in the sky Indoor 3D Butterfly Block 4x6x1.5 $65

Indoor/Outdoor 3D Wall Hanging Flower ~17×17 $385

Birdsnout Block Indoor Wall Hanging, 4x6x2 $65

Hovering Indoor/Outdoor Wall Hanging 12×12 $175