About me

I am a lifelong educator and independent multimedia artist primarily working in mosaics, and a certified Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (fHEA), teaching mosaics out of my Berkeley studio. I am passionate about involving people of all ages in art, and providing avenues and scaffolding for you to realize your creative inspiration. I have worked with childrenIMG_0829 for 20+ years in a number of artistic and self empowering outlets, spanning gymnastics, mosaics, painting, cooking, woodworking, designing and decorating 3-D fairy houses and gardening.

As a hiker, gardener and birder, I find inspiration from foliage, landscapes and beasties as I encounter them in the wild and urban settings, while my analytic tendencies are nourished by close attention to contrasting shapes and textures within more abstracted patterns, and as a lens for expressing texture, depth and movement.  My perspective and the lived imagery I witness and build into completed pieces iteratively feed into my workshops: I regularly draw on images from natural field guides (John Laws’ Sierra Nevada book is a current favorite), while I also encourage new mosaicists to embrace and consider abstracted re-imaginings of their visions and designs through their glass creations.

Commissions, Original Work & Further Information. I am available for custom commissions! I am happy to discuss your custom ideas and develop a timeline for completion, dimensions, and prices. I am currently working on a 60 piece stepping stone pathway for a new co-housing unit outside of Sacramento to connect garden elements and create an inclusive garden space. To get an idea of how my eyes and hands work, and what I produce, check out the following

  • Examples from my portfolio can be seen in the Gallery.
  • Pieces for Sale. Some of my original work is available on Etsy at SnoringOrangeStudio.
  • Other Visuals. I (sparingly) showcase some pieces on Instagram under the SnoringOrangeStudio profile
  • Direct Contact. I can also be reached via email at SnoringOrangeStudio@gmail.com