I am a former academic, and independent glass mosaicist. My nature inspired handcrafted mosaics are created in my Berkeley studio and sell across northern CA, in shows and some independent Bay Area brick and mortar stores, nurseries and galleries. As a hiker, gardener and birder, I find inspiration from landscapes and native wildlife, while my analytic tendencies are nourished by close attention to contrasting shapes and shadings within more abstracted patterns, and as a lens for expressing texture, depth and movement. I build my own concrete and fiberglass 3D substrates to reflect my interpretation of the wildscapes I traverseIMG_0829. I find the complementary aspects of industrial concrete and nature-shaped driftwood, on one hand, and detailed glass design and cutting, often to match something in nature, on the other, satisfying.  And yes, Catboy (pictured, R), does indeed snore.

Commissions, Original Work & Further Information. I am available for custom commissions! 

  • Examples from my portfolio can be seen in the Gallery.
  • Pieces for Sale.
    • Come visit me outdoors!  Annually, I am in person at over 30 events–from Farmers Markets to craft fairs, San Jose to Healdsberg, San Francisco to Placerville.  I try to always carry garden stepping stones, framed suncatchers, California landscapes and 3D relief wall hangings, but please let me know if you will be at an event and are looking for something special!
    • My Berkeley studio is housed in the Makers Workspace— contact me to make an appointment to visit
    • I regularly sell at  CNPS (California Native Plant Society) bi-annual native plant sales, e.g. chapter sales in Sacramento and El Dorado County.
    • Select indoor and outdoor pieces are for sale at brick and mortar East Bay spots:
  • Other Visuals. I (sparingly) showcase some pieces (and pictures of the snoring Orange himself) on Instagram under the @SnoringOrangeStudio profile, but if i’ve been absent for a while, it’s probably because i’m busy making and selling!
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  • Have an idea? Wanna chat?  contact me.