Mosaic Workshops

Learn how to create your own mosaic!

I offer individual, family and group workshop-based classes in my Berkeley studio where you and/or your kids are introduced to glass safety, cutting techniques and mosaic design, which you use to create an indvidualized mosaic. If you are in the Sacramento region and are interested in group classes, I also teach at Rainbow Glass–please check out the class schedule for details.

Your mosaic can manifest as an all -weather functional rectangular or flagstone-shaped stepping stone for your garden or patio, a wall hanging suitable for indoor and outdoor display, paired bookends to frame your favorite books on display, a framed suncatcher to create colorful lighting in your window, a 3D mushroom for your garden, or a custom 3D substrate shape of your choosing..

How does it work? Please anticipate that you will be in the studio for 2-4 hours to create your mosaic, and then possibly back another day for another 45 minutes for grouting (I can also grout & seal designs for you). You can arrive with a full design or even a foggy vision in mind, or we can develop a design once you are at the studio. During the workshop, you will learn about glass safety, how to score and cut glass in different shapes, and both aesthetic and practical considerations so your design will have maximal visual effect. After this you will create a mosaic, with my guidance and support, using an expansive range of in house materials. Your mosaic will be ready for grouting and sealing after ~24-48 hours, and you have an option of returning to the studio to learn how to grout and seal your mosaic, or I can apply the finishing touches for you (the preferred option for kids 10 and under).

Explore samples of my students’ creations and workshop testimonials.

Who can take a class? I welcome adults and children aged 8+ individually and in groups, or younger children accompanied by a parent during the full class, who will help their child to work safely. If your child of 8+ will be taking a class, you are welcome to stay, or head out and I will call you when your child’s project is nearing completion.

Classes can be personalized to match your family’s schedule and personalized decor goals, pricing variable. For example, I would be happy to support your goal of:

  • a one-hour mosaic workshop to creating a mixed media design on a natural driftwood fridge magnet (3-5″ long)–especially good for smaller kids by using pre-cut glass and beads, eliminating the grouting process, and having an art piece ready to take home at the end of your session!
  • a multi-day after school or break-period series of workshops to create a mosaiced garden footpath or set of smaller mosaics for your home or garden,
  • a multi-day series to design and create
    • a larger mosaic to fit a specific area of your home or garden
    • support your goals in making mosaics out of 3-D sculptures or to embellish furniture (e.g. mirror frames, coffee tables). Sample designs are available upon request!

What is the cost? One-off individual or parent+ under 8 y.o. workshops run $175 for a ~12×12 inch project, include all materials. Workshops to create larger designs (e.g. paired stepping stones, larger wall hangings, a garden bench or coffee table), are possible! The price is dependent on size/complexity. Group/Family classes involving 2+ people who are 8+ are $150/person. Individual camps (e.g. weeklong) are available, and perfect for larger scale projects (like a stepping stone pathway), and to explore mosaicing through different flat and 3-d projects.

How do I schedule a series of classes or one-off workshop? Please email me: If you are booking for your child, you will need to fill sign a waiver before we being the the class.

The fine print: Workshops are non-refundable.  Rescheduling requires 48 hour notification.