Student work and experiences

Some recent students’ creations, and their reflections

Simone (3rd grade) and Lazarre (kindergarden) created a stepping stone each, in a joint workshop.  Check out the two girls at work (top L), their pre-grouted mosaics (bottom L) and the final products, ready for their garden home (center and right)!

Their mother’s reflections: Vineeta gave my two daughters a lesson in how to make a mosaic garden tile. She helped them figure out an attractive layout for the design and guided their color and material choices. At every step, she was patient and fun and playful, helping them cut the glass, glue it down and prepare for grouting. They had a terrific time learning new skills and enjoying Vineeta’s gorgeous studio and surrounding artwork. We were delighted with how the tiles turned out and would love to work with her again! 

Penny (age 8) created a stepping stone of her bunny, Phillip, and his environs, including a special fairy dancing in the top right corner. She was supported by her papa for grouting. Check out her original design with pencil (L), family grouting (center), and the final product (R)!

Penny’s father’s reflections: My daughter Penny and I had the extraordinary opportunity to explore mosaic tile art with inspired Mosaic artist, Vineeta. Vineeta has a wonderful way of teaching, both with children and adults, and is patient and incredibly supportive of the child’s creative spirit. There was never a moment when something was incorrect, but always assisted with a subtle guiding word and hand. She is highly aware of the children’s work environment too and is careful to explain the need for care with the medium, some of which can be sharp if not handled properly. However, under Vineeta’s tender and considerate direction, the project was completed without a single scratch. I would not hesitate to recommend her art courses to whoever may be interested in becoming comfortable and proficient with mosaic art.

Holly (mother) made a suncatcher spirit cat to hang in a window, while Milo (6th grade) preferred bold colors and an abstract design for his stepping stone.

In Holly’s words: Before the holidays, the maker’s space studios were open, where I met Vineeta and was immediately inspired by her work. I was thrilled to learn that she offered classes for all ages right there in her own creative space. Vineeta guided my son and I at the same time to make our own unique mosaics. Vineeta worked with us individually and taught us to layout our design, cut the glass and create our art work! We had a wonderful and creative time. We learned technique and just simply enjoyed ourselves creating with a completely new medium. Vineeta is patient and informative and has a lovely way of directing the process while allowing individual creativity to flourish. It was particularly special to create along side of my son while each of us individually had our own creative experience.

Jacia brought in a contemporary idea and a love of blues and greys, and made a gorgeous stepping stone evocative of the seashore for her patio~

Jacia said: Vineeta gives you free reign to be as creative as you like, while also providing guidance on possible designs. She was great at thoroughly explaining the process. While also stepping in when necessary to help create a beautiful finished piece!

Maia (age 10) started with a line drawing, which she built upon to create an outdoor scene with some deliberately abstract elements!